The Fall List I Won’t Be Completing

Fall is such a spectacular time of year. The beauty of the season brings out such joy to almost everyone. A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about fall being my favorite time of year and what I love most about the season. In case you missed it, you can read it here. But… Continue reading The Fall List I Won’t Be Completing


5 of My Favorite TV Shows

I'm not the biggest TV watchers, but I do love a good, guilty pleasure show. You know, the type you wait for all week and know each part of EVERYTHING that has happened; yup! that is me. I have a couple of reality and sitcom shows that I just love. Some would call it guilty… Continue reading 5 of My Favorite TV Shows

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A Reason to Lead

As I work on finishing my Master's degree in Educational Leadership, I often get the question of “why?” Why would a 29 year old want to become an administrator? My answer is simple. I have the desire to lead a team of educators through the path of success by creating learning opportunities for all students.… Continue reading A Reason to Lead

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My Favorite, Essential Beauty Products

You will probably never find me in a fancy makeup store like Sephora. But I do love nice, quality makeup that is user friendly. I am a busy mom and I have to get out the door early in the morning, take the kids to daycare, and somehow get to work on time. The last… Continue reading My Favorite, Essential Beauty Products


My Current Song Obsession

I absolutely love music. I love how there's a song for just about any mood and/or feeling. I love how music soothes the soul and calms the heart. For me, music makes me feel happy and when I'm in the car, you bet I'm singing along to whatever song is on. I only listen to… Continue reading My Current Song Obsession