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A Reason to Lead

As I work on finishing my Master's degree in Educational Leadership, I often get the question of “why?” Why would a 29 year old want to become an administrator? My answer is simple. I have the desire to lead a team of educators through the path of success by creating learning opportunities for all students.… Continue reading A Reason to Lead


Helping Students Correctly

As we begin a new week for learning and teaching, I was thinking about how I can help my students be better in learning and understanding. I saw this picture and it made me realize that we set such high expectations for our students, as we should, but what kind of help are we providing… Continue reading Helping Students Correctly


Back to School

Fall is perhaps one of my favorite times of year. Going back to school is such a great time, especially with a fresh start to a new school year. There is nothing comparable to see busses full of eager, nervous students unload for the unknowns of the new school year. Or how about opening a… Continue reading Back to School