Living Simply

Over the short course of having my blog, I’ve really tried to think about what I wanted my focus of my blog to be. I have so many ideas running around in my brain all the time, I didn’t want to have so many different areas of discussion that I didn’t have a central focus; a meaning or purpose of my blog.

I originally decided to be a lifestyle blogger because I didn’t want to be “tied down” to one area of writing. I tend to think I have so much to say that I can be hard to write in one specific area. But I wanted to have a brand. When you see my blog, what do you see or think? How do you remember me? Do I inspire you in a certain way? I felt like I was missing this.

I still want to write about anything that comes up in life or my lovely followers have suggestions on. But I really wanted to have a blog with a purpose. A purpose for central writing and topics that relevant to me, my life, and my family; including all areas of our life.


Like many of the blogs out there, I too have a passion of many aspects of life. My faith drives much of what I desire to do. I have a great love of my family, my 2 kids, and mostly my loving husband. I love food (gluten free of course), health, fitness, decor, beauty, and fashion. Each of these topics will continue to inspire my thoughts to write about- still focusing on the lifestyle blog portion. And remember, I’m in no way an expert in most of these topics, but they are all things that I love and want to continue to share with all of you!

In order to keep my blog going and keep it strong while growing in followers to inspire, my inspiration comes from Living Simply. I’ve found I live a very simple life. I tend to think I’m a minimalist. I’m not necessarily materialistic or ‘high maintenance’. I love to be as frugal as possible. I Live Simply. This is my new inspiration for my lifestyle blog.

As I look around my house, I can definitely see the simplicity in my home. From the kids room to the living room, it’s simple, yet warm and welcoming. The same goes with my beauty and fashion sense. It’s simple, but comfortable. I could even say the say with health and fitness. It’s all a simple way of life…

So I’m so excited to introduce to you Living Simply by In Living Beside Me. Because you are still following this journey of life, in whatever form, beside me.

Live Simply,

Kassandra 🧡

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