The Fall List I Won’t Be Completing


Fall is such a spectacular time of year. The beauty of the season brings out such joy to almost everyone. A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about fall being my favorite time of year and what I love most about the season. In case you missed it, you can read it here. But as much as I love the Fall season, I find somethings that go along with Fall just not me and things I love. 

And I know all of the mom, obligatory photo ops with my kids that must happen, so I will do my best to squeeze it all in! But just because it is Fall, it doesn’t mean that I have a long list of to-dos with my family or for myself. See my list below!

  • You won’t find me lined up at Starbucks for a pumpkin spiced latte. It’s not that I don’t think this would be tasty. It’s just not my “cup of tea” or latte, technically. I’m not a coffee drinker to begin with (I know, WHAT??). So I’m not attracted to the idea of spending money on overly priced coffee drinks. If this is your kinda thing, I don’t judge! Enjoy your yummy coffee drinks!
  • I won’t be baking pumpkin flavored treats. Fall baking is an essential. But how many pumpkin flavored items can we bake before it gets to be overboard. Plus, I am still finding my groove in gluten-free baking, which can be a little tricky. So, this year, I’m looking forward to apple and pecan pies more than anything.
  • My family won’t visit multiple pumpkin patches. My introverted self just doesn’t find these types of things fun. If we find something locally that doesn’t involve an expensive day of tired kids not enjoying themselves, count me in. But likely, we’ll just skip this. Sorry kids. But again, I will try!
  • I probably won’t be dressing up for Halloween. As much excitement as I have for my kids and Halloween, I’ve never been fond of the holiday as far as dressing up is concerned. I’ll hand out candy and do all the fun things with the kids. Just not in a costume.
  • My family and I won’t be going deep into the trees of the desert to find the perfect leaves… don’t get me wrong, we’ll go leaf picking, but the local park will work just fine.


Even though I love the season of Fall, we are going to keep things simple. And although these are some of the things I won’t be doing, there are many fall inspired activities that I am looking forward to. Some of which include fall crafts with the kids, pumpkin carving, and drinking hot chocolate on the patio (gluten free, of course)! 


What are some of the things you love or don’t love so much about Fall? Share them with me! I would love to know!

Be well,

Kassandra 🧡💛


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