5 of My Favorite TV Shows

I’m not the biggest TV watchers, but I do love a good, guilty pleasure show. You know, the type you wait for all week and know each part of EVERYTHING that has happened; yup! that is me. I have a couple of reality and sitcom shows that I just love. Some would call it guilty pleasures and I would definitely agree. Okay, some of my favorites are probably more like mindless activities, but nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoy watching them. 



My all-time favorite is Reba. Oh boy, this show probably has everything I ever needed to know about life in it. I discovered Reba when I was in college, and sadly it no longer has new seasons, but I still watch this show over and over again. It never gets old and it is ridiculously, make your stomach hurt, hilarious! You can score all the seasons here


Okay, who doesn’t LOVE Grey’s Anatomy? A medical show with twisted love and drama!? Sign me up! It is literally a show that speaks for itself and you bet I have seen each season more than once. If you haven’t checked this amazing show out, please do! You can find it through Netflix or Hulu or pick up the seasons through Amazon.


Station 19 is a spin off to Grey’s Anatomy, so this show is also one that I love! It has the same type of twisted love and drama triangles that keep you hooked! I watch this one on Hulu in case I miss it on Thursday evenings. A new season starts this coming Thursday, October 4th after Grey’s Anatomy!


Okay, no judgement here, but I LOVE all things Kardashian. I know it is lots of ridiculousness, but something about them, I do like. I also have seen all their spin off shows that featured Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney. I know, talk about mindless activities, but as a busy mom, this humbles me. 


So my hubby loves WWE, but I wasn’t all that into it until he introduced me to the female version of it! And needless to say, I was hooked! And I still am. I am able to share my hubby’s love for WWE with him from watching the girls wrestle. It’s kinda corny, but who knew how much went into their training and all. It is kinda intense! But my favorite of these ladies are the Bella Twins. They are amazing, in my opinion. Plus they have this awesome fashion line, Birdiebee. Check it out here 

What are some of your favorite shows? I would love to know!

Be well,



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