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A Reason to Lead

This sums up how I feel as I approach leadership in the future. If each of these points are what drive me to lead with a caring and compassionate demeanor.

As I work on finishing my Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, I often get the question of “why?” Why would a 29 year old want to become an administrator? My answer is simple. I have the desire to lead a team of educators through the path of success by creating learning opportunities for all students.

I’m not even really sure where the desire to lead came from, but seeing how administration can have such a powerful influence and impact on teacher and student success; I definitely wanted to have some part of this process.

This is such a powerful message. And one I won’t forget.

I feel confident in the ability to successfully help guide and support the needs of educators. This is where my passion begins and my answer of why ends. It’s the passion in education. The passion in helping others become the best they can in their own abilities and skills through the process of teaching and learning.

Though I’m still a young, not full experienced educator, my goal for administration is one I have for the future. Even though I’m almost complete with earning my Master’s degree, I still need time to develop and enhance my skills and knowledge in the everyday teaching world. To me, this will only better my ability to lead, when the time comes.

So for the time being, you’ll find me working diligently and strategically to gain as much knowledge and understating of education, the systems, and the processes as I can. You’ll find me taking notes, asking questions, and being actively involved in any part I can. Why? To always be better. To be a team player. To be an administrator who teachers trust and want to work for. To be the best me I can be.

Be well,


2 thoughts on “A Reason to Lead

  1. Well put Kassandra, I love how you mention creating a dynamic learning environment for everyone staff and parents included…..I really liked the idea that quote presented that leadership is so much more than paper work……You are so young to have completed your Masters degree while raising two children ….I am so impressed….you are truly amazing…

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