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My Favorite, Essential Beauty Products

You will probably never find me in a fancy makeup store like Sephora. But I do love nice, quality makeup that is user friendly. I am a busy mom and I have to get out the door early in the morning, take the kids to daycare, and somehow get to work on time. The last thing on my mind is a long, drawn out beauty routine that is just going to be washed off at the end of the day. 

 In this post, I have included my absolute favorite and essential beauty products. You will notice I use Clinique for just about everything. It is reasonably priced and I can safely use it without any reactions (which is most important to me!)

This superbalanced makeup provides a light, all around coverage that I can easily apply without it being “caked on”. I use just a couple ‘dots’ on my face and apply it with a foundation brush.
This is my new favorite discovery. This is translucent power that I apply after all my makeup is complete. This keeps my skin from getting too oily throughout the day. It has been a game changer for me.
This is a simple concealer that I buy at Walmart. The brand is Rimmel. It has a nice application sponge that makes the concealer go on smoothly for a nice, clean finish.
Okay, let’s talk mascara. I do naturally have long, thick eyelashes but mascara is my absolute beauty must! I could leave everything else out, but not this! This specific mascara is High Impact creating nice long, dramatic lashes. If I am running late or have crazy mornings, I at least use mascara as my makeup for the day.
My skin is naturally oily, so I don’t use a lot of lotions or moisturizers. But this is such a great product for eyes! A little goes a long way and I use it every morning before applying any makeup. It helps with the “mom tired” and “I have stomach problems” look.
These fun “chubby sticks” back a lot of beauty so I use them quite sparingly. I hardly use blush in my everyday routine, but for a date night or special event, these come in handy. The application of these 3 products is like putting on chap stick, so it less messy than power for sure! The foundation chubby stick is one I use when I need a little more coverage or if I have more blemishes/redness than normal.
This is the 3 step skin cleansing products that I use twice per day. It helps with my oily skin and makes my face feel so fresh!
I am not huge on lip stick or lip color because I generally forget to apply it throughout the day. But when I remember, this is my favorite, go-to color. It is not totally red and not quite maroon. It is a nice in-between color that goes well with my skin tone and simple makeup look.
This is another of my new discoveries. I found this on the clearance table at the Clinique counter and I am so glad I decided to buy it. Technically it is an eye-lid primer, but I just use it as eye shadow because it is such a nice brown color to match my eyes!

So you will notice, I don’t use eyeliner. I don’t contour my face. I don’t add on to my eyebrows. And I don’t have the latest trends in makeup. But I do keep is simple because my main focus is my eyelashes and everything comes as natural as it can get, with just a little help.

What are some of your favorite beauty products and/or beauty routines? I would love to know! 

Stay beautiful my friends,



2 thoughts on “My Favorite, Essential Beauty Products

  1. The 3-step skin cleaner is my go-to as well! I received it as a sample once and fell in love with it. There’s a few others on here I need to try now! Thanks!

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