My Current Song Obsession

I absolutely love music. I love how there’s a song for just about any mood and/or feeling. I love how music soothes the soul and calms the heart. For me, music makes me feel happy and when I’m in the car, you bet I’m singing along to whatever song is on.

I only listen to Christian music. This helps keep calm while I’m driving, for one. But also because it’s a constant reminder that our Lord is all around me, all the time.

While I’m on my way to work each morning, this music helps set my mood for the entire day. All the music gives me a clear understanding that no matter what the day has in store for me, Jesus will be there to help guide me and protect me. And on the way home, this beautiful music helps calm me down and take away the troubles and hardships of the day.

Most importantly, Christian music has brought me closer to Our Lord. Music is healing. And by listening to it everyday, it has given me the ability to connect to Jesus through song and believe in His name that much more.

Friends, if you’re finding yourself in a hard place in life for whatever reason, turn to a station that sings the Word of Our Lord and constantly praises His name. It’s healing. It’s believing. It’s powerful. It’s encouraging. It’s continuous faith; faith in Our Lord.

In this link below is my newest favorite song. It’s so powerful in the lyrics. It reminds me what my purpose is on earth. It also reminds me that it doesn’t matter all the materialistic things I have; having Jesus is so much more. Anything is possible with Him. And turning to Jesus in good times and in bad times is simply our way of life, as it should be. Only Jesus matters, in the end…

Click here to listen to Casting Crowns ‘Only Jesus’

“I don’t want to leave a legacy. I don’t care if they remember me. Only Jesus. I’ve only got one life to live. I’ll let every second point to Him. Only Jesus.”

Be well and be blessed,


Tune in to a radio station by finding one new you by clicking on one of the links below!

K-Love Radio

Family Life Radio

2 thoughts on “My Current Song Obsession

  1. As a little girl growing up my parents always had music playing in the house. My parents would have jam sessions in the house.

    As I became older I saw the need for music. It has a way of not only soothing but it takes my mind off whatever is bothering me. I guess that is why I love worship music.

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