My Absolute Favorite Blogs

Today, I want to share with you my favorite blogs that I enjoy following.  I have been inspired from each of these various blogs for different reasons, but mostly because I share some commonality with each one. In addition to these wonderful bogs, I love finding different blogs to read and discover new people who pour their who hearts into what they write each time. It’s inspiring, motivating, and encouraging. 

  • Celiac and the Beast

This blog is so relatable to me on so many different levels! The author, Erica, and I have many digestive issues in common. She shares such great information for Celiac’s and how to live a gluten-free lifestyle without feeling trapped in a world where you can’t live your normal life. 

Connect to Celiac and the Beast here

  • What Lola Likes

I first discovered What Lola Likes when watching Total Bellas. I immediately loved what Lauren does with her blog. Lauren is the sister-in-law to the Bella Twins, Brie and Nikki Bella. I find her blog posts relatable to my life and my family. She shares such beautiful stories that help encourage me as a wife and mom. Lauren also shares such great information on beauty and fashion to keep me up to date on the latest trends! 

Connect to What Lola Likes here

  • Disney Food Blog

Who doesn’t love all things Disney! And when you add food to it that I, too, can eat, everyone is happy. This blog shares all the wonderful food that is served around all the Disney Parks. This is such a great blog for those who are planning a Disney trip or those who need some tasty dinner date ideas. 

Connect to the Disney Food Blog here

  • The White Farmhouse Blog

Okay, who else is with me in loving Farmhouse themed anything?! Morgan is the author of this amazing blog. She posts such beautiful pictures that make me want to redecorate my entire house! Plus, Morgan includes different posts on home decor, her family, but mostly, her grandmother! It’s wonderful!

Connect to The White Farmhouse Blog here

  • Pure Joy Home

Pure Joy Home is a fun, life+style blog. Liz is the author of this blog and shares all things that make her happy, which are also things that people love! A great part of this blog that I love is the categories that are shared, especially her fitness and indoor design pages. It is such an inspirational blog to keep following and reading!

Connect to Pure Joy Home here

  • Alli’s Appetite

This blog is a gluten-free blog that provides such great information on gluten-free foods and resources for people living gluten-free and with Celiac disease. Beginning a new lifestyle journey can be overwhelming but with this amazing blog, I have been able to find such great information and know that changing my eating habits was going to be okay. This type of blog is very much appreciated by me! 

Connect to Alli’s Appetite here

  • A Principal’s Reflections

This blog, for me, is educational as I continue through my Master’s program in Educational Leadership. What I love most about this blog is the strategies, practices, and leadership skills of being a principal and how to help teachers and others be better educators. The content in this blog is extremely relatable to education as it is today, and a true reflection of a principal who has seen all aspects of the educational system. 

Connect to A Principal’s Reflections here

  • The Modern Essentialist

This lifestyle blog is actually a friend who I have know for quite some time! Martina started her blog to share her beautiful family and story of real life as it happens. She writes beautiful blog posts that you’ll definitely want to read! 

Connect to The Modern Essentialist here

  • Love on a Dime

Love on a Dime is a frugal favorite! Casey is such a beautiful person that I worked with many years ago. But her frugal living blog is simply wonderful. She shares such great ideas, tips, tricks, and recipes all while living frugally! 

Connect to Love on a Dime here

What are some of your favorite blogs? Share them with me!

Be well,



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