My Favorite Disney Character

An original A. A. Milne book, the Winnie the Pooh story has always been my favorite cartoon portrayed by Disney. Tigger specifically, has always been extra special from The Hundred Acre Woods as just the most adorable, outgoing, spring of energy. He’s upbeat, positive self is contagious and encourages all his friends to be the same. Being Tiggerific is a real thing, at least in a fictional, Disney world.

When I was younger, I collected every Tigger imaginable. A collection I still have. I had a Tigger for every holiday, event, and season. A Tigger for accessories, clothing, and bedding. He was everywhere, all the time. Even though I don’t have Tigger stuff everywhere still, he’s a fun T-I-double guh- er guy to think about every now and then.

I think his personality is a great reminder of what I need to remember to be sometimes. We’re always so busy with life, that I forget to have fun, or be playful, or optimistic at times. Some may think he’s overboard with energy, but it’s not just energy. He’s a loyal friend, a rambunctious stripped animal, with a small mischievous side. He’s probably a friend we all need sometimes.

I get caught up in life far too often than I would like to admit, that I, too, forget to be a Tigger…

With love,

Kassandra 🧡🖤

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