My Favorite Movie and Superhero

These both tie together, actually. I absolutely love Iron Man both as a superhero and in each of the movies. I’m not even sure exactly what it is I love about the movie or storyline of Iron Man. But it definitely has to do with how he came about with genius approach to escaping a cave. It’s a fiction, Sci-Fi film but that is just what I love; a fantasy movie with such great action, in my opinion.

I love the characters smart attitude with a confident approach to life. He’s motivated to be the best superhero and help save people… until it turns just the opposite in the sequel movies. He becomes consumed with building his suit which I think we can relate to on a humanistic level.

I also love the awesome sports car he gets to drive: the Audi r8. It’s a beauty! Plus, I would love to drive one and be fancy for a day. It’s definitely on my list of “I wish.”

And even though Iron Man is part of the Avengers, I’ve actually never seen those movies. I really couldn’t even tell you what they’re about.

Iron Man is definitely a movie I can watch over and over. My little guy enjoys playing with Iron Man, too. So anytime when I need background noise at home, this would be a go-to movie for me. Like I said, I could watch it over and over agin.

One time, when I thought I was Iron Man

With love,


One thought on “My Favorite Movie and Superhero

  1. I like Iron Man too because of his origin story and the difficulties he overcame….I’ve always liked some origin stories best because of the mix of human frailty and superpowers….the struggles that super heroes overcome make them so much more relatable than just fighting a villain…

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