The Meaning of the Name

Deciding on a name for a blog can be difficult because it brands your blog and what you want to accomplish. I wanted something that was different and allowed me to be able to cover numerous topics of life, especially being a lifestyle blogger. ‘In Living Beside Me’ was chosen after a long list of others. The process in choosing a name was so fun because my husband really helped decide what sounded good and what wouldn’t work at all. ‘In Living’ was picked by my husband and it worked well because I wanted my blog to be focused around all things of life. I ended up adding on ‘Beside Me’ because I wanted to share experiences I’ve had, things I love, and everything else in between. Plus, I want you all to be “beside me” on this journey. I love the name for my blog and I think it’s starting to develop into something others see and think of me when they see it. At least I hope. I’m proud of the name I chose for my blog and how everything is falling into place but especially how my blog name is being established of who I am and what I write about.

With love,

Kassandra 🧡

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