Helping Students Correctly

As we begin a new week for learning and teaching, I was thinking about how I can help my students be better in learning and understanding. I saw this picture and it made me realize that we set such high expectations for our students, as we should, but what kind of help are we providing to them to meet those expectations. I know I fail in assuming students always know what I mean or understand what they are expected to do. As educators, we often say, “use your time wisely” but do students even know what that means? Probably not. And not because they’re incompetent of knowing, but because teaching time management isn’t part of any curriculum. Rather just something that is probably just learned overtime, in adulthood. Students’ priorities are definitely not the same as the teacher or the school. And I think that is okay if were teaching them what is important for learning and for school. For me, I need to continuously remember that students need help. My help. And help in every manner. We all remember being a young teenager not knowing what life was going to actually be like. Maybe students aren’t always irresponsible or immature. Maybe they truly do need help and someone to guide them, always.

With love,


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