Simple Must Haves for Life

My Office Must Haves

Even though I am technically a teacher, I am in an office, where I spend the majority of my day. If you were to have a mixture of a teacher, academic advisor, and educational leader intern, you get me! It is a different position, but one of value for the alternative school I work at. In this blog post, I have begun to include my favorite office must haves that help keep me organized and prepared for each day. 


I use Sharpie’s to write with for just about everything. Having color coordinated markers allow me to keep myself organized by using a different Sharpie color for different things. I use the fine point tip so you have the same ink thickness as a traditional pen. 



Paperclips are a must for me! And of course, I love anything cute and a girly touch. In the first picture, I have larger paperclips that let me keep larger stacks of important papers together. These were given to me, so I am not sure were to find these specific ones. The second picture is a giant version of a traditional paperclip; these are amazing! I found these pink paperclips at Gordman’s, which is now out of business and I haven’t be able anymore, so I use them sparingly. The last picture are for smaller paper stacks, but they are so nice because you can write on the top, tab part to keep organized and everything in order. 


Every teacher needs an apple on their desk, right? My mom gave me this when she retired and I started teaching. It keeps Post Its readily available for use all day long!


This funny looking thing is actually a life saver! Part of my job consists of entering information into different programs. I use this fancy paperclip looking tool to keep papers upright while entering the information into the computer. Good o’l Walmart has these! 


Folders are really not that exciting, but I do love these ones I found at Walmart. If anything, they are stylish! 


This binder with information goes everywhere with me throughout the day and to weekly meetings. Any information that I need is in this binder that I have organized with tab folders and these amazing divider pages that I bought from Teachers Pay Teachers. So far, it has been super helpful!


Because I love football and The Philadelphia Eagles, it wouldn’t be right not to have awesome computer tools to accessorize along with everything else in my office. I absolutely love my Eagles keyboard. It is so smooth to type on and is comfortable for all day work with my Eagles wrist pad. And of course, an Eagles mouse pad to top it off. My keyboard and mouse are wireless, which help keep as may wires out of sight as possible! 

These are a few of my must haves in my office to help keep everything running as it should. I have to have everything organized, and these are some of the best essentials that help me do that. What helps you stay organized for your work? Share your thoughts and ideas with me!

With love,


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