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Kids DIY Fairy Party

My little girl turned two this year. We celebrated with a simple fairy themed party- it was girly just for her!

I made this as the cake topper for her party. I wrapped cardboard in aluminum foil and glue gunned all the parts on top. The fairies, fairy houses, and vine were all bought at Dollar Tree.

All the chairs had fairy wings wrapped on… I bought them at Dollar Tree also.

I made fairy wands out of watermelon and grapes. I cut watermelon in large slices and the used a star cookie cutter to cut each one. (Careful not to slice the watermelon too thin or too thick- it makes it hard to use the cookie cutter.) I added the watermelon stars and grapes to a skewer stick.

Pixie dust was a must for the party. I bought pixie sticks to play the part. And all the kids got party favors.

My little fairy. I found these amazing wings at Goodwill for 98 cents. The fairy skirt was from Dollar Tree. I made her fairy headband myself with dollar store flowers and an elastic band.

This party was so fun! I know my daughter had a blast and she looked so cute as a little fairy 🧚🏽‍♂️🧚🏼‍♀️

I hope you get some inspiration from my simple fairy themed party!

With love,


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