Fall is Here!

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. The weather is perfect and crisp. The air is fresh and light. The sunrises and sunsets are dreamy with colors that represent pure beauty. It is absolutely beautiful. Fall also is a lovely time for orange colors, pumpkin everything, ankle boots, scarves, cool mornings, apple picking and gorgeous leaves! I could live in fall, forever.



Fall is a new season for sports that I absolutely love. Volleyball is one of my favorite sports to play. It’s a sport I will always cherish. Plus, it’s absolutely fun to watch live or on TV. My all-time favorite sport is football. I know there’s lots of controversy going around with the NFL. Some I agree with. Some I don’t. But either the way, I love the game and passion Martin and I share. And I look forward to the season each year. We are diehard Philadelphia Eagles fans; their midnight green color is just so gorgeous!

In addition to watching football, we love learning about the players and which players are drafted and traded. It is something that we enjoy together and can talk about, even if others don’t understand. Plus, I actually understand the football lingo, which is extremely helpful!

This Fall, I am looking forward to finally baking an apple pie, going leave hunting with the kids, visiting pumpkin patches, pumpkin carvings, and wearing my cute ankle boots again! This beautiful weather makes me excited for evenings outside in our yard (now that it won’t be so hot out there!) We will be able to enjoy hot chocolate as the kids play, and Martin and I watch the sun set! 


I hope you enjoy this Fall season as much I am looking forward to it…

With love,



5 thoughts on “Fall is Here!

  1. I love fall too…I have always thought it was nature’s glorious good bye until spring’s blossoms…I missed the different colors of leaves when I first moved to NM from the Midwest….You don’t have the variety of trees that exist back east…but there is color…..In my homesickness I complained to my Mom about the lack of a variety of colors….So doing what a loving Mom would do she went out and gathered all the different color leaves she could …she pressed them and made a scrapbook out of them to send to me….All of the leaves eventually faded but I couldn’t throw away the old scrapbook because it was such a tangible piece of a mother’s love for a 30 yr. old daughter a long way from her home…….

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