Revisiting This Year’s Resolution

As September begins, it is a reminder to revisit the previous months and reflect on how quickly this year is going by. One thought I had was looking back at my New Year’s resolution and if I have fulfilled what my resolutions were or at least on the right track for the end of the year.

Lots of times, I have been guilty of making resolutions and been faithful about sticking to them for a few weeks or maybe a couple of months and then forgetting about them or giving up completely. It always sounds good in the moment, or beginning a new year with optimism from the previous year. Or maybe making a new year resolution comes from the pressure of society to change something about your life to make it better. Either way, a lot of the times, resolutions don’t last as long as anyone would like.

This year, I made two resolutions. My first was to pray before each meal. Especially now that my two kids are getting a little older, they understand why we pray, and why it is important to thank our Lord for our food and blessings. Like doing something new, it took some time for the kids to catch on. But now, they make sure we pray before our meals. It makes me really happy that we do this as a family and the kids know the reason we pray and who we pray to!


My second resolution was to be a better friend and listener to my husband. I wanted my husband to know that I hear him and I am actively listening to what he has to say. This can be hard for me because I want to talk about my day, or my problems. But I have learned that this doesn’t make an equal partnership in a marriage. Sometimes when my husband would say something, I didn’t know what he was talking about because I wasn’t giving him my full, undivided attention like he deserves; like he does for me. Starting a new year, this was a perfect time for me to be more engaged in conversation with my husband and truly listen to what he had to say- not matter what it was about. This also tied into being a better friend. I can tell him anything and everything, but I wanted to make sure our friendship was mutual and that I was giving that same friendship courtesy. This has been great resolution and really helped open my eyes (technically ears) to listening instead of always talking or not giving my full attention, when it is needed.

Below I have included what I find to be successful in my resolutions. Though this year is half over, it is not too late to start something that you have been wanting to do. And it is definitely not too early to start planning for next year!

How to have a successful New Year’s Resolution, every year:

  • Make a plan
    • What is it that you want to resolute?
    • How are you going to make this happen?
    • Will it cost money? If so, how much?
    • Do you need to contact someone to help you succeed?
  • Create your goal
    • When will you complete your resolution?
    • Is it an ongoing process?
    • Does the end of the year mean you’ll stop?
    • When do you foresee your goal being met?
  • Take action for yourself
    • Know that failing means success; it means you are trying, so keep going
    • Revisit your plan and goal throughout the year
    • Know that you have an entire year for your resolution, restart if necessary
    • Change your outlook, be positive and optimistic 
    • Make your resolution part of your lifestyle- you’ll be more likely to stick to it

No matter what steps you take to create a New Year’s resolution, do what makes you happy, something for yourself, and something that you enjoy- don’t make it a chore!

With love,




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