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A Story of a Beautiful, Resilient Woman

All moms are unique and give their best for their family. This is absolutely my mom. A woman of complete beauty and resilience. A woman who has given everything for her family.

My mom grew up in the same house my parents live in now. She went to local public elementary, junior and high school and graduated from New Mexico State University back in 1980-something. She met my dad while attending the university. Upon graduating, she earned her degree in Business administration. Knowing she wanted to have a family, being a business woman wouldn’t give her the opportunity spend the time she wanted with her future kids. My mom went back to school to earn her education to be a teacher. Talk about a calling. She taught elementary school for 27 years. She loved it. She loved her students, colleagues and even some of the challenges that came with it. I, too, loved being in her classroom. It was always so warm and welcoming. It was an environment for learning and it was evident to all who knew her.

Still loving the education world, my mom currently teaches high school math. Another great challenge she’s conquered. Though she did retire from education a few years ago to take of my dad full-time, she’s back in the classroom doing what she loves. Teaching. And watching students learn and grow in their knowledge. It’s truly beautiful and what education is all about.

The resilience of my mom comes from her undeniable nurturing nature of who she is. She takes care of everyone first. Yet, she always manages to look amazing. She’s spent a lot of her time taking care of my dad, which is no easy task. His 24-hour care required her to be on watch even when everyone else thought he was doing okay. Late nights still meant early mornings. During some of the worst times, my mom would lay awake making sure my dad was still breathing. Or praying that they would make it to morning. Or watching him sleep so he wouldn’t wonder off while she tried to get some rest. Even in these times, my mom made sure everyone was taken care of; her needs were always last.

When my dad was in the hospital, my mom still managed to be a mom no matter how sick my dad was or what her day entailed. She made sure her kids and grandkids were taken care of. She managed to be a mom, even when I failed to be a daughter. Or when I saw my needs more important than hers. She managed to listen to me talk about my day even when her day was far worse than we could’ve ever imagined. My mom cares about her kids hurting and cares about our feelings over her own. She always comforts us before herself and always finds a way to talk with us on how my dad’s illness affected us. She always shows kindness and compassion to the doctors and medical team who continue to take of my dad. She never shows her stress, her burdens, or negativity to others. Even when the world around her does.

She’s learned all of my dad’s medical information and all of mine, too. She can recite medication, medical history, doctor’s names, and so much more, as if it was a chapter from her favorite book.

She always gives the most insightful advice. Even when she has a hundred other things to do; she always cares about the well-being of her family. She remembers appointments, to-do’s, and other things for everyone because that is the part in her that is making sure everyone is okay. This even happened when she was hundreds of miles away with my dad.

One of the best days I’ve lived was when my daughter was born. My parents traveled all night to be at the hospital for my daughters’ birth. This meant my mom didn’t sleep. I’m sure she didn’t eat, and I know she didn’t mind. She was there (again) when I needed her the most. Like she always is. She’s always there. A phone call away. I’m not sure how I could manage my life without her. Without knowing I can seek her help, advice, encouragement, or guidance; I think it would be impossible.

There was a time in my life where I deeply regret not getting to know my mom the way I know her now. During this time, she still made sure I had a way to practice, waited for me to be done with practice- no matter how long it took, and attended all my games (no matter how far). She would make sure we got home safely at night and always made it to work the next day, because missing a day to teach her students was out of the question. She was my taxi for a long time, and never complained about it. She’s truly an amazing person. Even in this time, she was always by my side, but more, she was always on my side. Fortunately, I get to work with her every day, which is not only a blessing but an honor. She’s one of the greatest educators I know and to learn and work next to her, it’s truly special.

Her resilience comes from the truly beautiful soul she is. God gave my mom the ability and strength to take care of His children. And that is exactly what she does every day. She’s selfless and makes it look easy. I often wonder how she does it. But all I can think, she’s just resilient and truly a blessing from Our Lord.

With love,


3 thoughts on “A Story of a Beautiful, Resilient Woman

  1. What a wonderful tribute to a true “Wonder Woman “….I always knew she was an excellent teacher but I was overwhelmed with what she took on when your father became ill….She really took on so much that many people would have crumbled under the stress….her faith,her humility ,her humor,and her wisdom and compassion are so inspiring….and another feature you touched on is her ability to do it all….be everywhere doing everything without a clone is amazing “…God has made your Mom one incredible woman …who always greets the world with her winning 😊 smile…..A true heroine…..

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