Back to School

Fall is perhaps one of my favorite times of year. Going back to school is such a great time, especially with a fresh start to a new school year. There is nothing comparable to see busses full of eager, nervous students unload for the unknowns of the new school year. Or how about opening a fresh notebook, pack of pens, or box of crayons, or wearing a band new outfit with new shoes. It’s exciting. And even more so being an educator.

Going back to school, I always think of the silly clip from Billy Maddison about going back to school. Watch here: It is corny, but something that always makes me laugh at the beginning of the schoolyear- I hope you get a kick out of it, too.

At the end of each school year, it seems that summer can’t come soon enough. All educators are exhausted and we always look forward to having some time off for much needed rest. But as the school year draws near, it wouldn’t be fair to say I wasn’t excited to go back and start a new year with a new group of students. Even though we had such a wonderful summer, the start to the new school year is exciting as new opportunities arise for students. Working at an alternative school is such a unique experience for both teachers and the students; it is a different way of teaching and learning. I am anxious to see what waits for this new school year and what differences in lives are made.

If any of you reading this is a teacher or student, I wish and pray for you to have a wonderful, safe school year.

With love,



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